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Dog Daycare – Park Row, TX

It’s not uncommon for a pet to feel some stress or anxiety when leaving their familiar home for the first time to stay at a boarding service. The Dog Academy’s doggy daycare staff of trained professionals goes the extra mile to ensure that both people and pets alike have their anxieties alleviated. At our dog daycare facilities around Park Row, your pet will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves in a supervised, safe, and comfortable environment. Our staff makes use of pet-friendly cleaning supplies, and our building has a tuned HVAC system to make sure that clean, fresh air is delivered to every dog’s personal space.

Large Dog Daycare $35

With groups of a max of 15 dogs over 35 lbs, these dogs will experience a full day of running in our fields, our gym, and at the pool if the weather permits. Your dogs will improve their social skills, manners, and bonds while making their own dog friend groups!

Small Dog Daycare $35

Groups of maximum 15 dogs under 35lbs enjoying playing with each other, the staff, and lots of toys! They will spend the day exploring the fields, running around in our gym and swimming in our bone pool! We will practice basic manners and social bonding while doing activities as a group.

Puppy Groups $40

Dogs under the age of 1-year-old with learn important social skills, basic manners, and making lifelong friends! This program was created to help

This is a great program for setting your pup up for success as an adult, both in and out of the home!

The Dog Academy Difference

It’s not atypical for most pet parents to feel a bit of anxiety the first time they leave their pet behind, even if it’s with a local dog daycare service with a five-star reputation. The Dog Academy’s doggy daycare team of trained professionals goes the distance to make sure that your nerves are soothed and your furry friend’s relaxed. At our dog daycare around Cinco Ranch, your pet will have all of the opportunities to both unwind and express themselves as they really are in a controlled, safe environment. With the latest HVAC comfortably controlling the temperature in our facility along with pet-friendly cleaners used to tidy up, your pet will be looked after right down to the smallest of details.

The Benefits of Dog Daycare Near Park Row, TX

There are multiple benefits of doggy daycare, including:
  • Experiencing new things and growing emotionally.
  • Learning positive behaviors from trained staff.
  • Exercise and training opportunities so that your pet can get a workout in.
  • The chance to socialize with other dogs if you so choose for them to do so.
  • Regular feeding with the appropriate amount of food you provide us with for your dog’s specific dietary needs.
  • Professional medical attention from nearby veterinary partners in the event of a health emergency.

The Best Dog Daycare Around Park Row

The Dog Academy seeks to be the premier daycare and boarding service for dogs around Park Row and beyond. That’s why it’s our top priority to keep your pet cheerful, secure, and comfortable as if they were right back at home. Don’t fret about what to do with your canine companion if you need to be away from them for an extended period of time. Complete your tasks as needed while being able to focus on the job at hand or take the vacation that you need to decompress while your dog enjoys their time with us in luxury. Each experience is customizable; take a look at our options section to see more of what your dog can experience and start customizing their ideal boarding schedule. We look forward to meeting and taking care of your furry family member!