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Dorms, the smaller of our two accommodations, provide small to medium sized dogs with a cozy and homey feeling where they can feel comfortable and secure.

Single dog max weight: 50lbs.
Up to three dogs combined max weight: 60lbs.


Suites, the larger of our two accommodations, provide dogs with a spacious and relaxing feeling.  Suites are ideal for medium to large dogs, or for multi-dog families!

Maximum capacity:  3 Large Breeds or 2 Giant Breeds.


Make the day all about your dog! Select the Elective that your pup enjoy most, from
the menu below. We’ll send you photos and updates on their fun time with the team!

Sniff n Snack

Use your nose to find all the treats in our snuffle matts!

A mentally stimulating and exciting activity to do in the comfy indoors!

Brain Teasers

Do a food puzzle with a staff member’s guidance!

A mentally enriching challenge with delicious rewards!


Play fetch with one of our staff members using a ball, frisbee, or your favorite toy!

An opportunity to practice manners and athletic coordination!

Social Walk

Walk around the property, make friends, and get lots of love from the staff!

A safe and non-strenuous activity that builds bonds with new friends!

Story & Cuddle Time

Get tucked in with your favorite blanky and hear a nice story from a loving staff member!

An enriching and relaxing time with a caring team member!

Sniff n Seek

Search for hidden easter eggs in our sandbox while enjoying the outdoors!

A mentally stimulating and challenging puzzle with yummy rewards!

Adventure Play

Practice your movement skills on official agility equipment!

A mental and physical activity enriching the body and the mind!

Pool Time

Swim, splash, and practice your best dives in our bone shaped pool!

A great and refreshing workout to loosen the body!


Play with a small group of like-sized dogs that have all passed their temperament tests!

A mental and socially enriching activity that leads to lifelong friendships!



Bundles Starting at $60 per day!



Bundles Starting at $70 per day!





When you’re traveling and can’t bring your dog along for the journey or otherwise are unable to care for them, what’s the solution? Sitters are given a lot of access to your home, and finding one that’s reliable and educated regarding canine behavior can be challenging. That’s why looking into dog boarding in Katy is the natural choice for most pet owners. Did you know that there are some serious benefits of dog boarding that your pup takes away from their time at The Dog Academy? Our team has put together a list of the most common ones:

1) Your Dog Will Get the Nutrition You Provide

We understand that you’ll feed a GSD differently from a Yorkie, so we take care to make sure that your dog’s diet is well looked after with the food you provide to us. If your dog’s food requires special preparation due to eating difficulties or allergic concerns, our expert attention to detail will make sure it’s all handled professionally so that your dog gets the nutrition they deserve. Relying on a dog sitter to feed your pet while you’re away could leave your dog malnourished upon your return! 

2) Local Dog Boarding Lets Your Dog Get Medical Attention 

Everyone worries about the health of their pet when they’re going to be apart for a while; it’s only natural to care about the four-legged family members you’ve built a relationship with in such a way. Thankfully, choosing a dog boarding service near Katy will let you travel for work or pleasure worry-free knowing that your pet’s unique medical concerns will be well looked after. Scheduled medications, injections, vitamins, and more will always be given on time with advanced medical care available nearby with our partner veterinarians in the event of an unanticipated health event. 

3) Dog Boarding Increases Your Dog’s Socialization 

When opting to board a dog in Katy with us, you’ll know that they won’t be sitting alone in a drab room waiting for your return. Your pooch can be busy making new friends with our experienced staff and relaxing in their personal space under our watchful care. Your dog will also have the opportunity for dog-to-dog play at your request; we call it “recess” time. If you’d like this service for your pet, we’ll monitor all socialization and encounters so that everyone gets along and that all play is productive for your best friend’s wellbeing. Take a look at our electives section to learn more about the various options available for your pet. 

4) The Dog Academy Keeps Your Dog Safe and Secure 

Worried about your dog getting out of the house if left alone or that they’ll outwit a sitter and end up getting hurt? Concerned that they might be introduced to unfriendly dogs while with a nearby dog sitter? No need to fret when you choose The Dog Academy for your local dog boarding needs! We screen for negative behaviors before acceptance into our Katy boarding facility. Avoid the trauma, drama, and disaster by having your pooch live it up in our luxurious digs. We have specially-designed CCTV that allows for easy monitoring, secure play and boarding areas, and a well-trained staff that knows how to handle even weather emergencies so that your furry friend stays safe. 

The Best Dog Boarding Service Near Katy and Houston, TX

Boarding a dog in Texas can be highly beneficial for not only maximizing your time away but also as a healthy experience for your pooch. Find the best dog boarding services near you for overnight boarding near Katy and Houston, TX. A trustworthy and reliable pet boarding facility near you. Our local boarding kennel is professional, courteous, and staffed with those who truly care about providing dogs with safe adventure and home-inspired comfort. If you’re interested in utilizing Texas’ premier dog boarding service nearby, reach out to The Dog Academy via phone or email to schedule a visit!  

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