Come visit us and tour our state of the art facility!

Our facility has been renovated with a focus on health and safety for customers, dogs, and staff!

The building structure is strong enough to provide safety and shelter under extreme conditions. The TDA team has established several accessibility contingencies and procedures in case of emergency, ensuring that we can provide the highest level of care at all times. The boarding rooms were carefully designed to emulate a home environment, helping your pet feel at ease and comfortable. The outside of the rooms is equipped with high quality artificial turf designed for heavy use and regular sanitation. We even went the extra mile in employing Envirofill on the turf, minimizing the risk of bacterial build up and keeping sanitation at its highest.

Our campus is thoughtfully divided into several spacious areas where your pet and its caretaker can securely partake in one of the many fulfilling electives offered!

With around the clock video monitoring and careful censoring of climate quality, can ensure the puppy’s wellbeing at all times of the day. Along with our friendly customer experience team, our intake office is designed personalize your onboarding with your pet into our facility. With individual offices for you and your pet, our staff is able to focus on your needs and desires and thoroughly review them with you.

Feel free to stop by and tour our facility! See everything from our 5000 sqft gym to our extra spacious fields! You will see for yourself our staff’s high standards of sanitation and safety, and a focus on keeping a calm and enriching environment for your pups!

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Email: [email protected]
Address: 21725 Clay Road, Katy TX 77449.