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Unleash the Adventure: Premium Dog Boarding in Tomball, Texas!

Calling all dog parents in Tomball, Texas! Are you searching for a place to board your furry best friend while you embark on your own adventures? Look no further! The Dog Academy is your ultimate destination for dog boarding in Tomball, Texas, providing your canine companion with an unforgettable vacation filled with tail-wagging fun and 24/7 paw-some care!


Pawsitively Enriching Experience: We know your four-legged friend deserves the best, which is why our mission is to deliver a pawsitively enriching and adventurous stay for every doggo that walks through our doors. With a team of devoted and knowledgeable staff, your furry pal is in the most loving and capable paws.

Fun and Safety: Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our secure and comfortable facility is thoughtfully designed with modern amenities, providing your precious pup with cozy sleeping quarters and supervised play areas. Let your dog be a social butterfly with interactive playtime, making new furry friends and barking up the best moments.

Champions of Canine Wellness: Health and happiness go paw-in-paw at The Dog Academy! We take doggy diets seriously, adhering to regular feeding schedules, and customizing meals to accommodate any dietary restrictions. From daily exercises to fun-filled activities, we ensure your pet stays physically and mentally fit.

Expert Canine Caretakers: Our pack of experienced dog enthusiasts knows how to cater to the unique needs of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Shy or outgoing, every pup gets the paw-sonalized care and attention they crave throughout their stay.

Unleashing the Fun Around the Clock: We know adventures don’t clock out, and neither do we! Your dog will receive 24/7 supervision and non-stop engagement, ensuring they enjoy every minute of their doggy vacation.

Boarding Add-Ons: Our boarding services extend beyond the ordinary. We organize interactive play sessions where tails will wag, tongues will pant, and friendships will form. From fetching fun to sniffing out treats, your pup will have a blast with our unique Brain Teasers, Adventure Play, and Sniff n Seek.

Glamour and Grooming: Let your pup strut their stuff after a pampering session with our optional grooming services. Our professional groomers will leave them looking and feeling like the superstar they are!

Regular Updates for Peace of Mind: We get it; it’s tough leaving your furry pal behind. That’s why we send regular updates and snapshots, so you can breathe easy knowing your pup is having the time of their life.


Dorms: Our dorms are perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, providing a cozy and secure environment where your furry friend can feel right at home.

  • Tailored for the Tiniest: Designed with love for small breeds, our dorms ensure they feel comfy and snug during their stay.
  • Choice of Companionship: Whether your dog loves solo time or thrives in a pack, we accommodate individual and group stays, tailoring the experience to their preferences.
  • Best for Small Dogs: For individual stays, dogs up to 50lbs are welcome. Got a multi-dog family? No problem! Their combined weight should not exceed 60lbs.

Suites: Our suites offer spacious accommodations for medium to large dogs or multi-dog families, giving your pets all the room they need to play and rest.

  • Roomy and Relaxing: Your dog will have all the space they desire to stretch their paws and enjoy their time at the Dog Academy.
  • Perfect for Larger Breeds: Ideal for medium to large breeds and multi-dog families, our Retreat will let them have a paw-some time together.
  • Packing the House: Our suites can comfortably accommodate up to three large breeds or two extra large breeds, making it a fantastic choice for larger or multiple dogs.


Add a burst of fun and adventure to your dog’s stay with our exciting Add-Ons.
Our caring Tomball team will keep you updated with paw-fect photos of their escapades!

Sniff N Snack

Treat your pup to a delightful experience as they explore a variety of scents while enjoying tasty treats from our snuffle mat.

Brain Teasers

Keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained with fun and challenging brain games guided by one of our staff members.


Let your furry friend burn off some energy with exciting games of fetch, keeping them active and engaged.

Social Walks

Our staff will take your dog on enjoyable group walks, providing them with a chance to socialize and make new furry friends.

Story & Cuddle Time

Treat your pup to a cozy and heartwarming session of storytime and cuddles with our caring staff.

Sniff N Seek

Engage your dog's natural sense of smell with an exciting game of hide-and-seek in our outdoor sandbox.

Adventure Play

Pets can practice movement skills and release pent-up energy on our agility equipment, supervised by a staff member.

Pool Party

During the warmer months, let your dog cool off and have a splashing good time with our pool sessions.


Your dog will enjoy a supervised recess time, where they can run and play with other dogs their size that have all passed a temperament test.


For an adventure-packed dog boarding experience in Tomball, Texas, choose The Dog Academy. Our passion for dogs drives us to provide the best possible care and attention to every canine guest. We ensure that your dog’s stay with us will be filled with tail-wagging fun, friendship, and the best care and supervision possible.

Contact us now to schedule your dog’s stay or to learn more about our premium dog boarding services in Tomball, Texas!